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2018 DLSC Year End Scores

This page will be updated throughout the year as scores from the DLSC shows are calculated. If you have any questions, please contact Tammy at tleventer@gmail.com. This list is for informational purposes only. Changes may happen that are not listed in the final results.

Please keep in mind the following rules for qualifying for Year End Awards with DLSC:

  • Scores are sent to the score keeper by the shows. If you have a question about a score after it is posted, by all means, email the question. But please do not send in your individual scores as only show submitted scores will count.

  • Regardless of scores or placings at individual shows, it takes attendance at 4 shows to qualify for year end awards. Depending on the type of show and the award, further rules such as all scores from the same level/division or same horse/rider pair may apply. Please see refer to the 2018 DLSC Omnibus for complete rules on your individual situation.

Year End Awards Banquet

The 2018 Awards Banquet will be held on Friday, November 16 at 6:30pm at the Beavercreek Golf Club, 2800 New Germany-Trebein Road, Beavercreek.

ALL ARE INVITED!! You do not have to be receiving an award to attend the Year End Banquet! There will be plenty of fun and door prizes.



Dressage Scores

The following results are tabulated through 5/16 and include the following shows:

  • The Riding Centre, May 2018
Running Number
Rider Horse Division Average of Shows
Adrienna Roach Iceman 1st - 4th 62.5 1
Alex Ramage Daisy Training 60.2 1
Annette Biehler Calvin Western 61 1
Belinda Hoffman Daisy Intro SR 60.9 1
Brianna Blackmore Ten Pleasures Training SR 62.5 1
Brianna Blackmore Ten Pleasures 1st - 4th 56.7 1
Ella Berkhofer Morific Intro JR 63.5 1
Ella Berkhofer Morific Training JR 59.8 1
Isabella Ball Ice Queen Intro 0 1
Jeff Haines Beyond Empire Intro SR 61.9 1
Jennifer Evans Updraft Intro 57.2 1
Jill O'Banion O'Ban Joe USEA 33.9 1
Joey Parada Kid Coosa Intro 65.3 1
Kiley Oberer Rio USEA 34.5 1
Kim Nader Lexi Western 62.8 1
Larisa Kruger One More Mystery Intro SR 57.5 1
Larisa Kruger One More Mystery Training SR 63.9 1
Lindsey Lewis Divinity GSE Training 60.4 1
Lori McGrath Leonardo Intro 61.2 1
Maddie Dawson Double Stuffed Oreo Intro 57.2 1
Makenna Oberer Zoe Intro 53.1 1
Marae Martin Ellisa Intro 61.3 1
Mary Zoldak Lexlin's Tristan Training 67.5 1
Mary Zoldak Shadow's Anniversary Oliver Training 63.6 1
Samantha Brinkman-Berkhofer Morific Training SR 62.2 1
Susie Collins Slewgundy Ridge Intro SR 66.6 1
Susie Collins Whistler's Question Intro SR 70 1
Taylor Oberer Carson USEA 34.8 1
Tiffany Armstrong SRA Baske el Bay 1st - 4th 64.6 1
Victoria Nader Silverado Western 62.5 1



Hunter Scores

The following results are calculated as of ######## and include the following shows:

*** No Results Available at this time ****