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"In riding a horse, we borrow freedom." ~ Helen Thompson  
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Here are some of the horses, past and present, that have made our lives special. On this page, you'll also find any horses we currently have for sale. Email info@SerenityValleyFarmOH.com for details or to set up a showing.

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  SPIDER CAN - for sale

11 year old, OTTB bay mare. "Spider" is a tremendous athlete and truly an overgrown puppy on the ground. She stands approximately 16 hands and has only a small star and a bit of white on her left hind pastern. By Canvas, a Mr. Prospector son, out of Can Cun Beach, who goes back to His Majesty and Norseman, Spider raced only 2 times. She was injured on the track after being bumped and run into rough ground at speed and bowed on her front left. She did come back sound enough to race again, but she decided she did not like being bumped around and would let other horses break from the gate before her, so she was retired.

Spider spent the next few years being worked off and on by the owner's young teenage daughter, going for trail rides and showing at local hunter shows. She has very nice movement for dressage, has good form over fences and truly enjoys jumping. And she's great on trails - leading or following.

She is currently being worked by both Anita and Tammy, as well as Anita's 13yo daughter. If not sold, she will start attending local dressage and hunter shows as well as some horse trials to further her education.

Spider would make a wonderful intermediate mount for someone with limited funds that wants a mare with a great start, a ton of potential for showing and a puppy dog attitude to love on. She is TB-sensitive, but definitely not "crazy". She has a wonderful mind and learns quickly. She is sound, stands for farrier and vet, cross-ties, self-loads and hauls beautifully, and is UTD on all her vaccinations. Spider is also used to dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys and cows.

Asking: $6000 OBO

December 2012 Video - This video was put together quickly for someone who wanted to see Spider. Unfortunately, Spider was just coming off of a significant stone bruise and I think it shows in the flatwork on the video. Spider is 100% sound.

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FOR GOOD (Sure She Can)

Like her full sister above, the 10 year old Shirley is by Canvas out of Can Cun Beach. She only raced four times, as Sure She Can, before being retired sound. Shirley stands roughly 16.2 hands and has no white markings.

EXTREMELY smart and quick to pick up on what you're asking her to do, Shirley has wonderful movement and a definitely love of jumping that comes through loud and clear. Like Spider, Shirley was worked with off and on by her previous owner, but had quite a bit of "off" simply due to other commitments.

Shirley is currently being worked by Anita and Tammy and the plan is to take her to some shows and horse trials this spring. She was on the market and being advertised, but an impressive outting has convinced us to put a few show miles under her before putting her back on the market, though we will entertain offers if anyone is interested in her now.

She is sound, sane, UTD on vaccines, stands for vet and farrier, cross-ties, self-loads and hauls beautifully, and has good feet and a great attitude to work around. She is also used to dogs, cats, chickens, cows and turkeys.

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  LET'S BE FRANK (Hey Baby Hey)

Frankie came into my life as a project. I purchased her from the Ohio Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners' Mixed Fall Sale at Riverdowns racetrack in October 2004 for the rock bottom bid of $500. I didn't change her racing name as I wasn't sure what to do with it (Hey Baby Hey) but gave her the barn name of Frankie, after Kim Richard's character in the 80's movie "Tuff Turf". Silly I know but Frankie seemed to fit.

Frankie and I had an off/on time together. We would start working and then something would happen. Most notably it was having to put Char down the following April. Frankie was my reason for coming back to the barn, but Char was tough to move past.

Frankie and I did a couple unrecognized events, first at the Backyard Horse Trials and later in Kentucky at Octoberfest Horse Trials. Our dressage was less than stellar and warm ups had to be almost non-existent (too many horses and I think Frankie thought she was back at the track). But she was a superstar on cross country... as long as we did it HER way.

After Octoberfest, my life was changing and I opted to sell Frankie. I didn't advertise much but the first person to come and see her was Suzie Harrison. Suzie is an eventer and was looking for a young project. No better match could have been found! Suzie has since moved to Lexington, KY and is continuing to event with Frankie. They've run a couple Advanced level horse trials and are aiming to one day make it to Rolex! You can follow Frankie's adventures (now as Let's Be Frank) at Suzie's blog at HarrisonEventing.blogspot.com

Prelim @ Erie Hunt & Saddle Club HT


Dressage @ MSEDA CCI*

Prelim @ Jumpstart Horse Trials



No discussion of the horses in my life will ever be complete without mentioning the love of my life, my first horse, Char. Purchased from a small farm in Eaton, Ohio, Char was 7 when I got her. She was a thinly built 16.2 hand bay with a double-whorled star. Smart and sensitive she tried her heart out for anything I wanted to do. I didn't know what eventing was at the time and we just played on the local hunter circuit. I attended my first Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event (as a spectator of course) 8 months after buying Char and I was hooked. Thankfully, this wonderful mare would try anything. We entered our first event 3 months later and it was not pretty, but we finished 6th and I still have and use the blue scrubbie that was our prize.

Over the years together we did a lot of things together. We evented through CIC*/CCI* (long format). We travelled a lot (from South Carolina to Virginia to Barrie, Ontario, Canada - twice!)... usually just the 2 of us. We got to ride with some of the best riders in the country - Michael Matz, Karen O'Connor, Stuart Black, Jimmy Wofford, Peter Atkins, Cathy Weischhoff, and Captain Mark Phillips. We were demo/clinic riders several times at Equine Affaire. We competed on teams for Team Challenge and the Adult Team Championships several times. We only scored better than a 40 in dressage once... so all of our ribbons together were "come from behind" earned. We never won a horse trial together, though she won the 1999 Buckeye Horse Trials at Training level with my dear friend riding.

In 1994, Char was diagnosed with High Ringbone in her left front leg. This was 1 year after I bought her. In 1999, she was diagnosed with High Rinbgone in her right front. With the help of amazing vets and one of the best farriers in the area, she was kept sound, in work and happy. We moved up to Preliminary eventing (3'7") in 2000. At the age of 17, knowing it was a long shot, I tried to breed her to A Fine Romance. We gave it 3 tries but unfortunately, as a 17yo maiden mare, it was not to be. We went back to work and completed the Flying Cross Horse Trials in 2004 at Training Level. That November, I took Char to River Glen Horse Trials in Tennessee. She was a bit off and we didn't complete the event. After returning home I had my wonderful vet take a look. He took xrays and it was bad news. The ringbone in her left leg was no longer just affecting the pastern joint, but had spread to affect the entire foot - from fetlock to coffin bone. My former vet, who diagnosed her in 1999, looked at the current xrays and the first words he uttered where "I am SO sorry."

Char was officially retired. She deserved a fantastic retirement full of lazy days on lush grass. But for an 18 year old former race horse/eventer who'd been in full work since she was probably 14 months old, she was restless and not happy, in addition to being in pain. She would try to run around the pasture with Frankie but couldn't keep up. Her heart, as always, was willing but her body just wasn't keeping up. There were a few therapies that could be tried, but none were guaranteed to work and all were extremely expensive.

April 2005 the decision was made to put her down. She was my best friend for a lot of years and saw me through a lot of my life. Losing her was harder than I thought it was going to be, which is saying a lot. I still think of her often and miss her. If there is an afterlife, I know she's going to be waiting for me... ready to go on a trail ride and jump the big logs while spooking at the small ones.